Hate to Hate

Sometime ago while trying to solve one of the numerous frustrations with my computer, I had a rather embarrassing and eye-opening incident. Looking through forums I found a thread that was addressing my issue. Reading through the thread I found one person who was having the same problem as me, and was quite frustrated himself. In kind, I vented my frustration to him and all the internet, thinking we were on the same page. However, I got an unexpected response.

The poster with the problem took my venting as to be an attack against him, and he was fed up. He was done with these forums, and people like me who attacked and belittled when he was just trying to find solutions. He vowed never to return.

Thankfully, I was able to get a hold of him, apologize, and explain I had not intended to attack him. He responded, not doubt somewhat embarrassed as I was. Though I was glad to have my apology accepted, it left me thinking about what I had done to make him angry.

It would be easy to dismiss them as another person overreacting on the internet, but I couldn’t brush it aside. I may not have been angry at this person, but I was expressing hatred for someone none the less. Some unknown developer out there whose mistakes were causing me problems. And my hatred, my anger and frustration had planted the seed of anger in someone else.

We like to think we are different. We are not hateful people. We’re not racists (well actually…). But then we excuse our cherished hatred while despising others. It’s okay to hate someone of differing political views. It’s okay to hate those who we find to be oppressive, or making life difficult for others. It is even okay to hate those who are inconveniencing us, or failing to meet our standards.

But hatred is not safe. As I found on that forum, hatred inspires hatred in others. It’s acts of cruelty or violence, both physical and verbal so easily inspire others to do the same. And it moves us to go further. We may think we are safe in our thoughts or gossip, but where do hateful acts spring from? Anger does not grow out of pity, nor oppression out of charity, nor murder out of love.

In reality there are only two sides. When some murdered cops, claiming retribution for those murdered by cops, they really stood side by side with those murderers. One had killed fathers and sons of a different race, and so did the other. They claimed to be defending the innocent, but soon found the innocent distancing themselves from them. Likewise, if we cherish our hatred, we’ll soon find ourselves far from where we considered ourselves to be, and drawing closer to those we’ve loathed.


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