Annoyed By Niceness

Today while driving to work I got annoyed at another driver. The thing is they weren’t rude. I was at a stop sign where cross-traffic did not stop. I waited for one car, which ended up turning. The car behind them just stopped at the intersection. I looked at them because they had no need to stop, and they waved me to go through. I honked at them to go, and they went.

I think my actions were correct. Legally I was obligated to wait for traffic to clear, and ultimately they will help other drivers more if they don’t suddenly stop when there is no need to stop. But my response was wrong. I got irritated with them. They were trying to help, but from my perspective they were only slowing me down.

So there wasn’t anything wrong with insisting the other driver go first. But it was rather pointless to get irritated at someone just trying to be nice. I’m not really going anywhere with this post. I think it’s just some foolishness I needed to confess.


Lest you think I’m too being too glum or self-critical, I have to say God is good, and I saw a great blessing tonight. But that’s a post for another time.


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