In the moment

Not too long ago I was presented with a problem that seemed rather extreme within a church. There was a large amount of support for a rather unbiblical ministry. I was  unsure how to approach it, and gave some advice based on what I knew.

Though having had a chance to get more input, it seems the problem is not so widespread, or deeply seated as it first seemed. My advice seems a little misguided, and I realize the problem, though still there, is rooted much more in misperceptions.

I am reminded of how Nehemiah, before taking action, first surveyed the state of Jerusalem, coming to an understanding of the problem before him. Sometimes I am too literal, and too slow to apply solutions to areas broader than the context I first view them. Though this problem is significantly different in nature than that of Nehemiah’s it might be solved by now had I applied the principle of seeking to fully understanding the problem when it comes to view.

I also struggle with taking lessons learned, and recalling them in the moment they need to be applied. I definitely need to be more mindful, and build a habit of stepping back, praying, and considering the proper steps to go forward.


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