Women’s ordination is not something I have studied out, but it always seemed to me a reasonable response to the issue for women would be, rather than focusing on a role they can’t have, focusing instead on what roles they, personally, would excel at. I’d expect it would not only be more productive, but also personally satisfying.

It is with great humility that I realized this same argument should be applied to myself. I frequently desire to be better at a wide variety of things I am not good at. They are good things, and things I believe would make me more effective in the ministry. However it often seems no matter how much time passes by I never really increase in these areas. I focus on how I can overcome these things, and get frustrated, thinking my lack is a hindrance to the ministry.

It hit me that I am being a hypocrite. Why am I not focusing on utilizing those things I’m good at, while bemoaning my weaknesses? Why not excel in, and improve upon my strengths? As for my weaknesses, accept them, work with them, but learn to rely upon others who are more apt to the task.


1 Response to “Roles”

  1. 1 measurethepattern
    May 5, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    Hmmm… I appreciate this. Now it’s a matter of teasing apart which ones are really strengths and which ones are really weaknesses.

    I still have a hard time believing that I can’t excel in certain things. But I do agree that others are much better at a host of things than I am.

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