Weekend reflections

It’s amazing when the Holy Spirit moves and you can see it. Yesterday I was walking and talking with some friends, and they were mentioning some deep spiritual points. It was clear they were reflecting on a sermon, but I didn’t recall the points being mentioned being in the sermon that morning, nor in the one we listened to that afternoon. As the discussion continued it was clear they were talking about the message I had shared on Friday night, though I don’t recall ever having mentioning what they were reflecting on.

This weekend was a blessing for a number of reasons, though one was something new. The message I had given for vespers had apparently struck a chord with someone. I am used to receiving positive feedback, but this person wanted some counsel in regards to an issue they felt the message had spoken to them on. At a later point I came across a friend who was clearly in need, and it turned out she was in need of guidance on future plans. I gave her some advice, and prayed with her.

These experiences were both humbling and motivating, as I clearly need to do more Bible study to be prepared to give sound advice. Prayerfully, I did, but it can be so easy to give advice that is merely my own opinion. I have to take care in what I say, as people seem to listen to it. Though I believe I’ve been blessed with wisdom, it must be tempered by the word of God.


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