Why am I an Adventist?

Questions like this I tend to answer with events, things that have happened in my life. This is strange considering how introspective I am on here. None the less, such an answer is not a good one, as a reason for adhering to a belief systems based on events indicates I am only a part of the church because of circumstance.

A more personal answer of what has lead to an intelligent choice of the faith would seem better. One of how it has changed me and made an impact on my life. Yet as we answered this question today in class, an answer of what it has done for me seems to make less sense for a faith that calls for selflessness. Abraham was told all nations would be blessed through him. Our example, Jesus Christ, gave an example of a life of service and sacrifice. For both, the focus was to be on others. Likewise should our purpose be in our faith. Yes, it should do something for us. Why would we spread something of no effect? But if it was service that called to us, then we should serve. It’s so simple it’s almost difficult to express. If it is Christ seeking and saving the lost that has saved us, what part do we have with him if we do not the same?

If we merely let Christ serve us, then we proclaim ourselves his master. But he is the master, and we the servants. And his service to us is not so much to wait upon us and coddle us, but to call us to his example. His service is to call us to serve. He is our master, and serves us. A shepherd is not waited upon by his sheep. It is he that leads his sheep to greener pastures and protects them. Likewise the pastor, as head of the church, tends to the congregation. Our thought should be “He is not great who is served by many, but he is great who has served many.”

Note: This is from class last week, but I took so much time refining it, I decided not to backdate it and risk it’s loss.


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