Praise the Lord

The Holy Spirit amazes me. Today I had a Bible study. My partner has long been inviting people out to our study, and they have all flaked out in one way or another. Certainly frustrating, and perhaps a bit discouraging. But she has persisted on, and today we started a Revelation study, and it was just a blessing. I could hardly finish sharing a point before someone jumped in to share another verse they remembered, an experience that related, or otherwise. And they brought up things I’d like to have brought up in another Bible study. But the Spirit led, bringing conviction on numerous subjects I hadn’t even prepared for.

It was truly a blessing, and there was evidence they are commited to the Bible study. They even stayed focus the entire time despite the fact the room was like a furnace. One person even asked for permission to join the Bible study permenantly. Of course that was our hope, but praise the Lord she’s that commited! It truly has been an inspiration to me to be in the Word more, and depend on the Lord more so I can be ready for each new study, and be used as the Lord sees fit. Even more so, to pray for each one of them, that the Lord will work on their hearts, and preserve them through trials and tempations.


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