Little Things

In our ethics class there was a point made that if we think we must make an unethical choice, then we are saying that God has not enabled us to make ethical choices, and we can’t keep his will. If the consequences are too dire to make the right choice, then we aren’t trusting that God can save us if we follow him, and trusting our judgment of the future over his. When put in extreme circumstances, when the decision is between your faith and your life, it seems so noble to stand for God. The enormity of the situation makes the right decisions seem easy.

Yet in the little things the decision for God may go unnoticed. Often when witnessing or otherwise I feel I have nothing to say. I ask God to be with my mouth and guide me, and then I speak and act. But I fear that I have somehow spoken or acted poorly. I justify my fear in that I blame myself and not God. But, truly, it shows a lack of faith in God to speak through me as he promised. I am making myself the judge of how these actions will play out in the future.

In my schedule I have a difficult time balancing everything. It seems there are certain things I must do, particularly as a Christian. Yet I can’t find time to do them all. But if I tell myself I must do all these things, and can’t, then I say it is impossible for me to keep God’s will. In my life, this is what the great ethical choices boil down to. I am not going to get pulled over and face arrest for my faith today. But I will have to trust God to lead me. I will have to make those little choices, like which tree to take fruit from.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. (Luke 16:10, KJV)


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