What is truth?

In line with this quarters Sabbath School lesson I’ve been thinking a little bit about how we can know the Word of God when we hear it? What if a new prophet came a long with a new message? Granted we can easily tell if they are false prophet, if they have a message contradictory to the Bible. But what if they have a message that is in line with the Bible, plus something not of the Bible, yet not in conflict with the Word?

I think particularly of Daniel and the prophecies given to him. His book has long been accepted into the canon, though much of the prophecy given to him could not be verified until more recent history. This brings out a particular aspect of truth that is often disregarded in our modern day. Truth can often not be readily verified. You can ask someone for directions, but cannot know if they are right until you’ve followed them. To know what is truth requires trust.

This aspect seems troubling to the scientific mind that likes to categorize and qualify everything. Though it is something necessary for science. To go in blindly with only a hypothesis to test and see if it works. And if it doesn’t, that doesn’t necessarily get us anywhere. Maybe we were close to the truth, but off in one little point. Maybe when we expected a blessing from God we neglected the aspect of what time may come between faith and receiving.

Of course if we asked for directions to the bakery already knowing how to get there, we could instantly verify the directions based on what we know. So comparing new information against know-truth requires no trust. Save what trust we have in the known truth. Thus we must be very careful as to what we accept as truth. It must be tested and understood so that we can confidently place our trust in it. If we fail somewhere in our foundation our future placement of trust will be wholly misguided.


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