I recently met some people who didn’t seem very interested in spiritual things. They come to church and Bible studies, but it appeared from their response and conversation afterward they didn’t really take it seriously. Afterward I got to know a little more about their history and discovered they had made some pretty dramatic changes in their life thanks to God. In fact they had taken things seriously enough in their lives to leave much of their past behind them.

At CAMPUS we tend to have a high standard, and those who have long been a part of CAMPUS often meet that standard. This was a reminder that I cannot judge where people should be now in their spiritual walk. Some may appear to be far behind me, and yet may have made far more progress than me more recently than I have. It is likely too much to ask much more of them quickly. They need to progress in steps; “first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.”


And it’s a reminder of what I must look like in Christ’s eyes. I’ve have made steps, and yet I’m so far behind what I eventually must be. And yet all the while he is patient with me, looking for opportunities in which I can grow. Looking for those things that I will respond to, and appealing to me in those points.


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