One at a Time

I’ve been struggling with my mastery of scripture knowledge. I feel like I need to know everything, and it seems I hardly know anything. And the amount I need to know is intimidating. It is this mindset that has lead me to constantly hopping around the Bible in devotionals, and reading 10 books at a time. This practice has been strengthened by the fact that we study a new topic at CAMPUS almost every week.

But I received a little advice which should help the problem. It’s something I already knew, but it helps to hear it from someone of experience, and someone who presents an animated argument for it. We are staying with Daniel up here in the UP, and he was telling us the story of how a Bible study contact was having trouble with a particular doctrine. Though she had trouble articulating the viewpoint of her denomination so she brought her pastor in. To make a long story short (since I can’t quite capture the excitement with which it was told here), Nathan Renner came in to bat for Daniel. And he impressively handled every argument that was brought up by the pastor. And they weren’t weak ones either. They were based on parts of scripture that seemed to genuinely defend their viewpoint. But Nathan was able to break every argument down, and show how it was invalid from the scripture.

When Daniel, amazed at his knowledge, asked how he did it, he said “Study one thing at a time.”

So from now on I plan to study one thing until I fully grasp it. Not switching from topic to topic. Stopping only when I feel I have a strong grasp of it, and starting again should I find new questions to answer.


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