Habit of Prayer

I don’t know why, but a habit of prayer seems to be a difficult thing to build. At the end of many days, I look back and see many instances when I should have turned to the Lord in prayer, no matter how brief, and asked for his help and guidance. I can see clearly how the day might have gone differently, and how much more peace I would have if I had just placed my trust in the Lord at each difficult situation, no matter how small.

Yet at the end of the next day I find myself in the same situation, thinking the same thing. Though at the start I had purposed to pray in times of need, these times slip by without notice. I’m not even ignoring the impulse to pray, it’s just not something that occurs to me. It seems to make no difference how long ago I’ve made the commitment. I don’t remember it at the start of the day, so the ball doesn’t get rolling. And I don’t feel the need so greatly to remind me until the day is over.

I think I should try what has worked with other things. Study and memorize some texts pertaining to prayer, its need and blessing. I’ve found scripture memorization can be a powerful tool to being more self aware throughout the day.


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