Hello World

Becoming more aware that ministry requires making friendships with those in the world, it begs the question “How does a Christian keep themselves separated from the world, and yet a friend to those in it?” Of course, initially many we meet will not be interested in spiritual activities until a trust is built. But many are also not interested in having substantive conversations about things like the economy and world events that can lead to spiritual topics, preferring nothing deeper than discussing how many Dunkin Donuts you have in your home town.

So where do you go to have that casual relationship that can spur into something closer? Some things, like bars, are obviously out, not just because of the association, but the obstacle it creates to right thinking. Going to the movies, ignoring its content, doesn’t provide time to really talk. Some may play sports, but for me I’ve found it’s not an option. Further, whether watching or playing, for many this just feeds an addiction that you should be trying to pull them out of.

Our society has changed. We are becoming too fast-paced, distant, and anti-social, creating barriers to ministry. We no longer have a culture where you sit around and talk about the things that matter to you. Our neighborhoods are not communities. Are we left merely to take advantage of the chance encounter, and only of those who are already ready for spiritual things?


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