Reading into the text what others have read out

I’ve found when I study prophey I have a hard time reading away from the lens of what I’ve been taught. Though this teaching of the interpretations may be correct, it creates a problem as I see the text and the interpretation, but I don’t see the connection. So it feels like I’m reading something into the text that isn’t there.

I think this problem comes from being taught the meanings of the prophecy without going into the depths of how it was reached. And I haven’t yet gone to the lengths required to make these connetions on my own. This is one of the dangers of growing up in the church. You receave this knowledge willingly, with no doubts that need to be removed, and thus no reason to challenge and verify the teachings. But this action is needed, and requires the skill of the Bereans. It is a lost skill, and it should be taught. I would think it better to risk leaving our youth ignorant of some truths, than leaving them ignorant of how to find them on their own.


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