While he yet Lived

Tonight’s message looked at how Abraham took care of the problem of leaving his inheritance “while he yet lived” (Gen 25). He took care of the problem while he still had power to exercise an influence, while the time was still ripe.

This particularly struck me as I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve been using my time, and what’s next. It’s mainly been a problem because I have a lot I want to do, but I’m either indecisive or overstretched. I’m reading at least 10 books, when I really don’t have time to read even one. I want to study the sanctuary, prophecy and related history, the life of Moses, the books of Paul, and gain a deeper understanding of our churches core beliefs.

As for the future, I’m seriously reconsidering what my plans have been. But I don’t know what plan to replace it with. I know I should just move forward and let the Lord either close or open doors, but it’s hard too move when I have no passion for where I’m going.

It’s even hard to see how this principle is applied in all of this. Clearly I should limit my reading and study list. But to what? All seem urgent. Though considering my future it’s clear if things are in disarray, then that must be fixed before moving forward. I can’t keep moving forward in darkness. That will only leave me just as lost when the time for planning is over.  Perhaps the hardest part of the principle is looking at things, and realizing what important things must go undone.

I know the principle. It is time to trust and obey!


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