How long is this going to Take?

Yesterday I spoke about approaches to witnessing. Concerning the latter, which has been dubbed friendship evangelism, there is one element that makes it particularly difficult. At least for those who like to see a quart of wood and the end of a hard days work.

When using the soap box method of evangelism, you can write people off pretty quickly. If they don’t listen when you preach at them, they probably aren’t going to. Eliminating options seems like progress (though you’re probably not making accurate assessments this way). But when evangelism becomes your relationships, it may be a while before you see any decisions. It may even be a while before you see an interest in Bible studies. You might even be waiting years before you’re visibly making a positive impression on someone.

With all this waiting, it is easy to ask the question, is this person worth my time? If things aren’t going anywhere, couldn’t I be spending time working with someone else for whom there is some hope they will make a decision for the Lord? It is time’s like this I need to remember 2 Peter 3:9. God is patient with us, and likewise we should have patience with others. He desires that all would be saved. Thus we should trust him to care for those we are not working with.


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