Follow up

It has occured to me what the most important aspect of follow up is. It is not persistence in contacting someone, or being bold enough to hunt them down. It is not finding a way to grab their attention. It is something far simpler that makes all of this other stuff easy. Make friends with the person.

If you can make friends with the person you have a reason to meet up with them, and they have a reason to meet up with you. If they are interested in Bible studies, they have a reason to get Bible studies from you. If they don’t, it’s not awkward to call them up and see if they are up to anything.

Of course this is easier said than done for many of us. Friendships do not come easily for many of us. We can’t just talk with someone for a few minutes and click. For those that fall into this category, this is really where evangelism training should be focused. Many of us have poor social skills, largely in part to twisted perceptions of self or others that come from our experience in the world. It is even more important considering that overcoming thos requires a stronger relationship with Christ, and understanding how that effects our relationship with others. So if we are not thriving socially, there may be problems spiritually.

That said, there are some people that though we can hold a conversation with, we might never be good friends with. Thus it seems that in reaching out to others we should try to find those we connect with. That low hanging social fruit that may lead to a relationship with Christ.


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