God is Good and I’m Strange

Spiritual things cannot be spiritually discerned, it’s clear. If I was not praying for something, I don’t know if I’d take notice that it was from God. My Bible study partner has been very persistent in bring people out to Bible study, and yet we’ve had little luck in finding consistent students. Everyone has an interest, but apparently no commitment. But I’d been praying for a small victory to encourage both of us. Today, she wrote me to say everyone had canceled so we wouldn’t be having a study. My heart sunk, but I still hoped that things would change.

Then she wrote me back to tell me a new person was interested. Praise the Lord! I think without prayer I might have seen this as just a possible effect by a persistent person, but I can see the providence in this situation.

The strange thing is for some reason, just like my heart sank when I found there was no Bible study, it sunk again when I found out we were on again. I don’t get this about myself. I suppose it’s the old man just dieing slowly. Perhaps the desire to study with someone hasn’t quite won out against the fear of leading out.


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