Talky talk

God is good. I’ve been going around meeting this people this week. And as you can guess from yesterdays post it has been good and bad. Today, also has been a mix. I actually ran into someone I’d talked with at length before, said hi, assumed they needed to be somewhere, and didn’t tie them down to a long conversation (as I didn’t need to be anywhere) and said bye. They got one of those expressions that made me think I should have talked. I suppose doing unto others as you would have them do unto you should also mean letting the other person decide if they have to go instead of presuming so.

That, and a lul in people who actually wanted to converse led me to take a break and sit down. Occasionally you’ll have people come to you if you’re just sitting there, but rarely. But my spirits were lifted by two people who stopped to have a seat too. The first guy was reading his Bible, and had just recently become Christian. He was the second person I met reading their Bible today, a first for me and rather surprising on this campus (The first is actually here because she felt there wasn’t anyone she could witness to where she was at, and switched schools). The second person to sit down was clearly a little worn down by the day. So I was bold enough to ask if this was the case, and seemed to brighten her day a little. I think as much as she did mine.


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