Bible Study without the Bible

It seems almost every non-Adventist Bible study I’ve been to doesn’t use the Bible, and if they do it’s almost in passing. Though tonight’s study was better than some. There was no preacher quoting the atheistic, communist anthem Imagine and then implying John the Revelator might have been on LSD. The discussion was at least drawn from a book that it based on Biblical principles. And much of the discussion was also based on them as well. But that isn’t enough.

If you aren’t grounded in the Bible it quickly becomes difficult to distinguish what is Biblical. There were a few points when someone made a comment decidedly not Biblical, or the book discussed contradicted the Word. Fortunately it was quickly corrected. But I can see a distinct danger in focusing on the opinions of authors and our friends to the point the Bible becomes obscured. And it happens slowly.

I also noticed something else. When entering a spiritual discussion it can be easy to stick out as a missionary. Not everyone else is completely focused on the spiritual nature of their life, nor constantly studying the Word. After a few comments it became clear I could easily dominate the conversation (not necessarily a good thing). The discouraging thing though, was when I or someone else piped in with a comment it didn’t really get people going. They were mostly happy to accept what was said with little reflection. The only time anyone responded was when they strongly disagreed with something said. I can see it can be difficult to draw people into considering more spiritual things. I pray the spirit will awaken them.


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