Planning again

My past attempts at planning ahead were utter failures. I usually hit a wall where many things I needed to do I couldn’t schedule. Stuff like phone calls I could plan to make, but if someone wasn’t picking up it’d get rescheduled and end up cutting into other things scheduled for later. The rest wasn’t really time dependent, and I could just put anywhere it fit, so it seemed best just to leave my options open. Plus I didn’t take very much time to do it.

So I’m trying again, taking a long time to plan one day. And specifying everything. Even the little things I normally do the same every day. I’m sure there will be snags, but hopefully having something so fleshed out will help me realize how I can adjust. Maybe I should start making alternative plans if someone is a no show (just so I don’t flounder around trying to decide what to do with my spare moments, or using all the newly freed time for something that I should only take 5 minutes a day on). My guess is I’ll have to fine tune things a lot, but hopefully tomorrow will run smoother than days past.

One problem I anticipate is having my schedule is on my computer. Having to boot up my computer to decide what to use a spare 5 minutes ends up wasting a lot of time. But the whole note card ToDo list thing wasn’t working. Too many things just sit there so long I get in the habit of ignoring them. It’d be nice to have a pocket organizer, but the principles of stewardship overrule.


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