Scratching the Surface

I’m frusterated by how often things are taught at such a surface level. Today we reviewed some Bible prophecy, and again, though I am familiar with it I felt completely lost. The reason, I realize, is that I’ve only ever been taught the bare minimum concerning prophecy.

To truly understand prophecy, as those who first were given understanding, you need to have a broad knowledge of history. You need to know the kingdoms and powers that have existed throughout the past. You have to know how they were compossed and how they acted. You have to know what they did, and when it happened. This, combined with study of the prophecies and inspiration will allow one to see the connection between prophecy and history.

Knowing only the conclusions, without the foundation is dangerous ground. Every questions appears as a refutation. Every seemingly contradictory fact causes doubt. Yet I’ve never seen prophecy taught without the assumption that people have this knowledge. Unfortunately, today, most people aren’t that educated.

Hopefully there are resources available, but I haven’t seen them. I’ve tried Uriah Smith, but the grammar is so obtuse that I have to constantly reread sentences to try to understand them. I eventually gave up when he quoted a Latin text untranslated.


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