Mark 6.6

I think Jesus must often still marvel at our lack of faith. We are handing out fliers for a Bible lectured series going on this week. I realized that merely giving someone a flier is not enough. How do you know they are interested in such a thing? For some people you might as well just throw the flier in the trash. And for those who would be interested, is a piece of paper enough to convince them to attend?

I understood that I needed to do more than just give people fliers. I need to talk to them about the series; awaken their interest. And if they weren’t interested, not bother with the flier. So I resolved to do this. But by the results it was clear I stepped out in works, not by faith. The fliers went out quickly. So the work was done, but not as I had resolved to do. I merely planned to take on the work, and did so.

Then later that evening, without any fliers in hand I ended up walking along side a girl. I asked her if she knew about the series. Then had a brief conversation about it. And interest was sparked, and I found a flier to give to her. This approach was fundamentally different, and not only because I had not planned for it. It was different because my focus was not on the fliers. My focus was on the person, and giving that person an opportunity to know more about Christ through his Word. I was no longer dependant on the flier to be the conversation starter, but depended on God to carry the conversation, with the flier an after thought.

This may seem like small stuff, but I’ve found it’s a big problem. We hear a message, such as living by faith and not works, and yet we don’t implement it. We are so used to the old way, the works, that our habits prevail. We cannot even see how we would live by faith. Yet God will direct us, and can provide a learning opportunity for us to see the difference. We need only turn to him, and be ready for the change.

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. –Psalm 32.8


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