faithful in few

I’ve been thinking more about the practice of waiting on God. Though we find men who served the Lord like Daniel and Joseph, we do not find evidence of them actively witnessing. They witnessed through their lifestyle alone, save those times when circumstance called them to the forefront to stand for God. Likewise, Elisha plowed the fields long before he became a great prophet.

This has got me thinking about how we look at witnessing today. Certainly times are different as now we have the gospel commission to go, teaching and baptizing. But do the same principles of waiting on God to call us to action apply? I wonder if not following this is sometimes the cause of many failures. Though we seek to fulfill God’s will, ambition gets in the way, and we take on more than is given us, and go in a way contrary to his plan.

I know for myself I seem overwhelmed by the amount of things I’ve taken on. I, and others, have often spent more time working to find new Bible study contacts, while we are failing to follow up with the ones we have. Would we have more success if we were faithful to the people God has placed in our path, and let God cause our work to grow, rather than taking so many disparate things upon ourselves?


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