am I living as an atheist?

Today in class we studied Weltanschuang, essentially worldviews, primarily focusing on atheism. We covered a lot of different aspects of it, but the thing that struck me the most is how we as Christians, myself included, often live the lives of atheists. When I merely look at how I can avoid problems, not offending people or causing them inconvenience, I am acting as an atheist. I am doing as little as I can. As fire_smalla Christian, I should not only take account of ethics in not hurting people, but also in helping them. And I should be more than concerned with just their temporary comfort, but also look toward helping them to have better lives and to be a better person, as well as taking concern for their eternity. These things may even supercede a want to not inconvenience them, as turmoil may be what they need to have a more eternal view of life. If I only live in the moment, focusing merely on my immediate actions and the consequences there of, I am acting as an atheist.

Further, if I live a meaningless life, merely going to school, getting good grades, getting a job, getting married, having children with no reason, save that it is expected of me, I live as an atheist. The life of the Christian needs to have purpose. Christ did not die on the cross just because. He did it to save souls. And my time should not only have meaning as long as I am doing something. Going out and doing something is not an ends in itself. I must live with purpose, and as a Christian, this purpose must be guided by love. Our purpose should come from people.

As I reflect on this more, I’m beginning to see myself in light of it a little differently. At first I could only really see how I have acted in atheistic ways. Going through life just doing the motions, trying not to step on peoples toes. And it made me wonder how I can no longer operate in this way. But I realize my situation is not so bleak. I actually have something within me that fights against this way of living. When I’m with friends, I’m never the one who just wants to “do something” and fritter away the hours talking about nothing. I’d much rather spend quality time with them, or getting to know more about them, and help them in anyway I can. And when I merely going through the motions of life, it irritates me greatly. Where I fail is when I recognize these things, I do not fight against the flow and take hold of this gift of dissatisfaction, championing a life with more meaning.


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