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I’ve been trying to use ToDo lists for a while, and seem to have finally moved beyond making them to actually using them. The problem is, as a missionary, that the things that need to happen are hard to put on a todo list.  It’s easy to put chores and study on the list, schedule them, and get them done. But you can’t really schedule chance encounters that result in a friend. Or touching someones heart.  It’s even hard to add the more concrete things like meeting for lunch, as most people don’t follow through on time commitments.

This is where I need to let come in. Putting prayer at the top of my priority list. I do need to do all I can in this work, but I need to leave even more to faith.


1 Response to “todo today”

  1. 1 martopoulos
    November 2, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    I totally feel that need to schedule the unscheduleable; I’m also finding it a difficult assignment to maintain equilibrium between a life of prayer and a prayer that works without falling in a rut. But that is part of the science of salvation; each day we have the opportunity to experiment and see what happens. Tomorrow’s another day for unexpected surprises….

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