don’t you know?

There seems to be a certain phenomenom prevelant in our society with very negative consequences. When person A discovers person B does not know something that A considers common knowledge, person A then belittles B, reprimanding them for their ignorance. The problem is that though B is reprimanded for failure to learn, the As of the world are never reprimanded for failing to teach person B. This is particularly bad as the relationship between A and B is usually parent/child, or teacher/student. So it’s usually A’s fault that B is ignorant.

This is particularly bad within the church. Knowledge of doctrines, texts, and even conversion experiences are assumed to have been passed on by genetics. Thus whole generations of christians are raised with an assumed knowledge. It is not just assumed by the As but even the Bs as weekly sermons convince them they actually have some understanding of their faith though they have done little study of their own. When their faith is tested, they find they have no foundation. Far worse, their christian experience is likely not an experience with Christ.

I suspect this is much of the reason why the youth are leaving that church. It is not so much because the programs for young adults fail to seriously connect with them. It is becaue they have never become Christians themselves, nor had the chance to despite weekly church attendence. We must stop assuming that Christianity is inhereted, and start considering our children mission fields.


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