Bad Advice

As a man, I am apparently predisposed to dispense advice. And I do. People often come to me for advice, so it seems the appropriate response to give it. Yet it would often be better to give no advice at all then bad advice. Here in lies the dilema, particularly as a missionary. Advice should be more than what seems good to me, but it should be good. It should also be Bible based, and hence, Godly advice.

The question then is what to do if I don’t know what to do what solicited for advice while having no understanding of what the Bible says on the subject. Is what’s reasonable good enough? Something that is based off a loose understanding of scripture? Or should I study it out, which may take months considering all the other things I’ve yet to study out? A simple reply would be to say “You should see what the Bible says, and I’m praying for you.” Though that, depending on your relationship with the person may be seen as a dodge.

This actually boils down to another question I have, how do you order the priority of Biblical questions . . .


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