Long Term Goals

Though I believe our society values them in some way, it does not really teach us to execute long term goals. Everything is geared toward instant gratification. And not just entertainment. In school our assignments are short term, requiring little planning or persaverence. Even, the projects are structured so that they can be done at the last minute, even if painfully.

Growing up with this training, I struggle at carrying out long term goals. The struggle becomes even more difficult when there is no deadline, or even endpoint, nor any easy measure of progress at the beggining. The goals in mission work are much like this. We are never to stop seeking souls, there is no quota that can be reached. Thus there is no end in view from a human perspetive.

Likewise, we may work search for interested souls without finding contacts. We may work with those interested with no commitments. But that does not mean we will not find success if we persavere in faith.

Beyond faith, we need to be ever mindful of what we are doing, and how it fits with our goal. We need to be dilligntly doing what is necessary, even when other tasks must be done, and when the work seems to bear no fruit. But perhaps this is not beyond faith, but another aspect.

By seeing the goal, by faith, knowing we have success, will never be discouraged as we see results in faith. By having the goal ever before us in faith we cannot but see our present circumstances as an opportunity to apply ourselves to the task.

This is no great revelation, but for me it highlights the problem. I need not be distracted by my inability to continue on a task, but rather focus on growing faith.


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