Sometimes I avoid things that are difficult. I realized today that I sometimes do this with scripture that i have trouble understanding. I get confused, and maybe even discouraged. I’m realizing how much of a problem this can create. If I leave things untouched and not understood I miss the opportunity for a blessing when I discover the truth of the matter. But worse, if I leave it unaddressed it may nag at me, perhaps subconsciously, making a little dent in my faith.

So today I tried picking apart a particular verse that pops up in my mind every so often. I didn’t overcome the issue, fully understanding it, but I at least have a better understanding of the context. At it brought to my attention another verse on something I’ve been thinking about.

“Do not be discouraged in the least, if some Difficulty that you discover, or that someone else fires at you, does not disappear at the first hour’s consideration of it, or in a day. Have you never had problems in other lines of study that you could not solve even in a year? If not, you have never done any deep studying along any line. If some Difficulty persistenyly defies your very hardest efforts to solve it, lay it aside for a while and ponder other things. Very likely, when you come back to it, it will have disappeared, and you will wonder how you were ever perpexed by it.” – Is the Bible the Inerrant Word of God, Torrey pg 73


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