Sleep less

Being as busy as we are, we always need ways to find more time. Planning in detail can only take you so far, and efficiency only grows so fast. It seems the only place to find more time is by sleeping less. And it’s frequently said to students “If you can sacrifice your sleep for school, you can sacrifice it for the ministry.”

The things, is I didn’t sacrifice my sleep for school. Not so much because I didn’t feel the pressure to use those hours, but because I found it was counterproductive. Staying up late to study for class generally results in being useless the following day. I can’t focus on class or homework. And as far as ministry goes, lack of sleep makes me more introverted, more irritable, and generally unpleasant to be around. Not only that, but I’m incredibly inefficient in the hours I’ve gained from staying up. On assignments I work on late into the night, I notice I’ll accomplish the same amount of work from 5-6pm that I can accomplish from 9-12pm!

That said, from the Bible we know Jesus has sacrificed sleep to pray (Mark 1.35). Cleary there is evidence that God will sustain us when we make sacrifices for His work. But when do we sacrifice, and when are we temperate? At points I’ve found an hour is not enough for devotions, so prayerfuly decided to wake up earlier. But then a day later I’m sick, and having to get more sleep to recover.

So where is the balance? When are we called to sacrifice sleep, and when should we purpose in our hearts to practice good health principles, trusting God will give us excellent in the daylight? This is something I need to study out for myself, and perhaps grow more in faith before before I can truly move forward. And I’d advise that those who recommend and even chastise others for not sacrificing sleep to do the same before they cause others to sacrifice their sleep, health, and success in ministry.


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