I often get down on myself for not witnessing to those around us. So the question is, why don’t I? Addressing this question seems a more sure way to moving past the problem than beating up on myself. So why don’t I?

I don’t see it as important:

This might have been the case once, but I don’t think it is anymore. If I didn’t see it as important, than I wouldn’t care that I miss opportunities to witness.

I don’t know what to say:

This is frequently a problem. Though it’s more often a problem when I feel  I should witness when an opportunity hasn’t truly arisen. So I think the greater problem here is that I frequently treat witnessing as a chore that needs to be done. I need to develop a character of sincere concern and interest, and learn how to communicate this openly.

I am afraid I will offend rather than convict.

It seems often times when I try to witness it ends up pushing the person away, rather than making the hoped for impression. I think again this boils down to witnessing as a chore, rather than waiting for the appropriate time.

I am not completely surrendered to God.

Ultimately this is the core of it. If I completely surrendered to God, my life would be a witness. I’d patiently wait upon him till he showed me someone that is seeking, and gave me the words to speak.


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