Actively Waiting

One of the most difficult aspects of the Christian walk, coming from a culture that tells us to make something of ourselves, to be recognized, is patiently waiting. In Christ, we don’t hunt down a ministerial role that looks appealing to us, then pursue it, but are called to do our best in whatever position we find ourselves, waiting for a day when God gives us a higher calling. In some ways it is liberating, that by doing the best we can, where we are, we will one day enter into something better. But to the person who desires to be in control, it can be a cause for anxiety as we wonder why wasn’t today the day I found my calling. We must be careful not to dwell on the fact our faith hasn’t been fulfilled, or else we may become dissatisfied with our current position and neglect the work at hand. Let us rather focus on the hope of the work that God has in store for us. As Elisha worked the plow until Elijah passed on the mantel of prophet, as Joseph waited in a pit before being sold to Potiphar, and waited in a jail until summoned by Pharaoh, and as Nehemiah served as Artaxerxes cupbearer, till his heart was moved for those in Jerusalem, let us wait and work patiently “as to the Lord” – Col 3.23

And again, today, our faithful service was rewarded. In the short time we were on campus we ran into old friends and new aquaintences who were eager to study the Word.


1 Response to “Actively Waiting”

  1. 1 esunhae
    September 17, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    Our short time spent conducting surveys was a true blessing, Rob. Thanks for being a good older brother and reminding me that I needed to do outreach and for teaching me gentle patience!

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