Educated for Evil?

A lot of things from Education struck me today. The way the worlds system of education works by judging ourselves against others introduces a lot of problems. First of all, it keeps those with a high potential from doing well, because they view themselves as brilliant simply because they outperform those around them. And those who struggle see their lot as hopeless, as even though they may do they’re best, they can’t seem to cut it against everyone else.

Though more important, and perhaps more damaging on a wider scale is how it creates competition. Since we are judged against everyone else, we must do whatever we can to outperform those around us. For many people, that doesn’t mean doing your best, constantly striving to improve. But rather doing whatever it takes to get ahead, even at the expense of others, and of their own morality. Thus as people cheat, lie, seduce, or kill to get to the top, we find the positions of CEO and president filled by those who have compromised themselves the most.

Another point that struck me, as I’d just heard a story on NPR discussing the very issue, is teaching to the test. By teaching only to the test, we limit peoples knowledge to memorization, and completely ignore any practical applications. We train them to be useless.

Today seemed to involve a lot of time working with little progress made. It was the first day I had actual time to contact people who had marked an interest in Bible studies from previous years. The short of it, is I knew there was information I didn’t have, but needed to know, which made it hard to give it my all, when I knew I couldn’t do the best required. I’d like to make sure that we pass on all the needed information to next years group.

After this, Brennen and I went on to campus to visit some friends and students. Going there, it hit me how we really haven’t done many personal visits. We both agreed that we need to start doing more of this, and soon. Otherwise we’ll quickly find ourselves out of touch which everyone.


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