Use your time wisely

The most important thing today was Bible study group assignments at field school. I’ll be working with a young sister who I don’t know well yet. But it seems like we have a good mix of personalities. The assignment of students for the group seemed a bit haphazard. Essentially, we had all the contact name on the board from FestiFall and last year, and people picked who they wanted. To a point this made sense, as people could pick people they knew they would work well with. But with the missionaries, and everyone else after the first few picks, there wasn’t anything to go on, but the name. It would have been helpful to have a little more information passed along from previous Bible studies, so we could group people more effectively. Though since many of the “unknowns” will probably be shuffled after we figure out their location and schedule, I guess it isn’t too big of a deal.

I finally feel like I made some significant progress on studying today, though still not as much as I want. I think I realize now, along with understanding the argument and having the texts memorized, I also need to memorize the progression of the argument.

Mark stopped by, and I was able to pump him for some wisdom. One thing that really struck me was that he would always run to and from the girls house. It just awakened me to the level I can make use of every spare moment. I’ve been using the time to review verses, but it makes more sense to get a little exercise, and cut down the travel time. So now I’ll be looking for more ways to not just fill those spare moments, but fill them in the best way. The first one that comes to mind is time spent driving, though I think I’ll have to be creative, as I’ve found driving and verse memorization do not mix well.

I decided since we needed water and to pick up Kayla from the airport, to combine the two tasks to save on trips. Unfortunately Kayla’s flight was delayed even more while we were out, so efficiency was once again out of reach. When I got back I had a bit of a scratchy throat. I think the rough sleep schedule is finally catching up.


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