Free Massage!

Another problem I’m finding with studying is I never have a large enough block of time to actually absorb the material I’m reviewing. Hopefully once schedules are more set in place I’ll be able to work around this.

I finally got around to mailing two of my friends Great Controverseys that I bought this summer. I’m eager to see what they think. They are both pretty avid readers, so hopefully they’ll dig in soon.

Massage went very well today. We were a little late starting up as we got there just in time, and weren’t able to advertise before hand. A project for this year definitely needs to be information for new missionaries. We had a hard time locating the hand sanitizer, and only knew where the hymnals were because we had so thoroughly cleaned the house earlier. And we still have no idea were the 4th massage chair is. It’s rather frustrating that we’re having obstacles that really don’t need to be there just because information wasn’t passed along.

But back to the massage. Everyone I talked to had a good experience with the massage. And I talked to a few people who seemed like they might be open to Christianity, or coming out to the group. One girl told me she wasn’t religious, but would be interested in know more about our faith. She left with a Happiness Digest.

When I was inviting people to massage, it was interesting to see the different reactions. Some people were excited, and others were disinterested, and maybe creeped out. I tried varying my approach to see what worked best, but haven’t come to any conclusions yet.


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