Fajita Fest

It was good to switch gears to from mental learning to physical. Though I’m surprised how much focus a good massage takes, making sure to move your hands at a relaxing pace. Though most everyone at Fajita Fest seemed to really enjoy them after only a day of training. And I believe we got some good contacts as well. I talked to one girl who said she was searching for a good church, and has never done Bible study before, but is interested. I’ll keep her in prayer that she comes out to the Bible study.

Things were a little hectic within the group today. We weren’t sure we were going to EMU to give massages at first, and then when decisions were made not everyone was aware of them. We definitely need to be better informed of what’s expected of us the first few weeks. I think it will also help to have short planning meetings over breakfast to make sure our schedule is set, or at least we know what we need to figure out.

I finally had enough time to do some serious studying today, and laid out the notes on Sabbath as a Bible study. Though I’m still intimidated by the amount of memorization that will be need. I tried adding some new verses to review during the day, and haven’t made enough progress that I can review it while driving without fear of reciting it wrong and confusing myself. It’s definitely going to take a lot of prayer to get these things down.


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