We had a meeting today at the retreat, and one thing that became clear is we are a little lost on what are focus is. When we started we were already lost as it was suggested groups should be focused on scheduling events, but we were pretty certain we weren’t scheduling things, and if we were, we’d be scheduling them around ASC activities, visits to other campuses, and other dates we don’t yet have. We then talked about different projects of interest before Dan interrupted and straightened us out. That we started looking at year long goals. Our key one working towards every active student being a missionary. We definitely need to flesh some of them out a little more, but I think some of that will need to happen after we’ve done a bit of field work.

And I think part of the reason we lack some focus at the moment is we’ve been mostly without students for the past week.

To finish up the retreat we played the tap game, in which everyone but the tappers had their eyes closed. Then statements like “You inspire me,” or “you made me laugh this weekend” were read, and the tappers would tap those people to which they felt the statements applied. It turned out to be a great way to give praises without building up pride. Knowing that someone held you in high esteem, without knowing who or why had the strange effect of being encouraging, yet a bit humbling at the same time. Not knowing how you gave this impression resulted in a desire to work harder in living up to it.

I think I’m getting better at using my spare moments for something useful. Though I need to do a lot more pre-planning to successfully memorize scripture when taking a breather. And I think that everyone else is doing so too helps keep everyone on top of things. Though I still need to do a lot to break the awful study habits, and learning style that grad school put into me. My brain is just not used to classroom learning anymore.


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