I think the most beneficial part of the retreat today was getting a chance to know the leadership better. One thing that came out with a few of the leaders is a concern over presenting a good example for the students, and not being a stumbling block. I think it’s good that they want to present a good image, and good that they’ve talked about it with us so we can help keep them in check should they become to focused on appearing perfect.

Church service went very well. I really see how it encourages my church to hear the work I’ve been involved in, as I grew up there. I think I’ll have to start e-mailing them with significant updates from my time here. My time also reminded me of a few people I’ll have to stay in touch with while I’m away, as they are more open with me than some of the other people in the area.

Though I would have liked to have gotten back to the camp out earlier, it was good to spend some time with my family, and especially my grandma. After the CAMPUS house situation it was good to hear about someone outside the church willing to give $8,000 to build a community center for the church, and that it happened in spite of opposition on the board.

I’m realizing there’s a significantly different dynamic within the group here that I’m going to have to adjust to from MSU.


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