Today it really hit me what a challenge I have before me on studying. Despite spending a lot of time reviewing the material on Wednesday, I didn’t make much headway on having a comprehensive understanding of it. And didn’t even get to start memorizing texts. Given that it’s only the first week, and in the afternoon we got a taste of how busy we’ll probably be the rest of the year, I can only imagine I’ll have less time to study in the future.

I think I’ve come up with a more effective way of studying. For review I plan to write out what we’ve learned as if I was giving a short Bible study, focusing on the key texts so I’m not to overwhelmed in memorizing. I think this will work better than rereading the notes and only try to break it down mentally. Kayla suggested we each teach one of the lessons from the past week, so this will be a good opportunity to try it out.

Outreach was excellent.I know some people were hesitant about doing surveys as they’ve had failures in the past, but I had the success of last years surveying at MSU fresh in my mind. And the Lord blessed. From the surveys Cassi and I did we had a number of people interested in Bible study groups, as well as church, prayer and study materials. And for those not interested, most were interested in massage.

We were also able to do some visitations, which was a blessing, as it’s usually hard to catch people. It gave insight to some of the opportunities we have for the year, but also some of the barriers that will need to be overcome from years past.

In the evening we had our first worship for our 24 hour fast. So far (including Friday morning) it’s been a really positive experience. Just taking the time to return our mind to spiritual things has been helpful in solidifying our focus as a group and realizing how important the work before us is.


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