Today in class I was hit again by the need to review what I’ve learned. I’m a little hesitant to just jump into it as my typical method of review never seems to lead to long term memory. Being a perfectionist I want to do it right, but I realize I need to start with my best, and improve with time.

Just talking with Brennen, I realize how much I too read the Bible with an Adventist mindset. It didn’t hit me as much during class today as I had spent some time studying the passages on food sacrificed to idols and being a stumbling block before. Though even having done that I still inject a modern Adventist reading into passages without realizing it.

Studying Nicodemus I know I need to learn to fear God. The way I see such fear is that it is above all things, so that using time unwisely will be repugnant, and the need to witness and show God’s love will overcome fears of being disliked or mistreated. I know I need to internalize this, and that such change does not come by changing myself but through Christ.

With the falling exercise I could see a parallel between the unexpected reflex to bend with my tendency to do many things out of habit rather than by thought. I know I typically have trouble changing my habits, and will need much focus on “being transformed” as Dr. Pipim mentioned today.


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