In class today we started about an appraisal of our knowledge of the importance of several Bible doctrines and our ability to defend them strictly from the Bible. It really helped me realize how often we teach doctrines as a set of facts rather than focusing on their importance. Often people talk about how doctrines are Christ centered, but that rarely comes across within the study itself. I will definitely focus on emphasizing the importance of knowing the doctrine, as well as how it points to Christ.

I also was confronted with the fact that, though I often am familiar with Biblical concepts, I have a hard time with remembering exactly what verses say, and where they are found. This is one area I will need to work hard on in reeducating myself how to learn.

Today the outreach we did was helpful. We handed out fliers for massages and talked with the people. It helped as we were able to experiment a little, and see how to approach people so that they are comfortable, and how to engage them in conversation while still informing them about the meetings. Also, I got a better perspective on what topics are worth delving into when you only have a short time with the person. Generally it’s better to stay away from any potential debates as you don’t have the proper time, and are unlikely to change people minds.

Another thing that struck me is I need to keep better track of how I’m spending my time. I’m usually doing all I can to be useful when I have free time, but I don’t always recall when I’m doing what.

One concern I have for witnessing is not being so forceful in my witnessing that people are turned off by it, but also being so hesitant to express my faith that nothing is accomplished in this area. I can see this being especially difficult with people I already know, as any drastic change in the nature of the relationship could be taken badly.


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