Our first day as CAMPUS missionaries. I started the day with devotions in Ezra 1. It was a good reminder that the Lord has called us to a specific purpose for a specific time. And that it is sure in him, to bring people to salvation. After that Brennen and I went for a jog. Another good way to start off the year. After introducing ourselves to Jonathan, as he got in last night around 2am, we went over to the girls house for breakfast, for more introductory conversation.

At noon we started training with Justin, essentially reviewing all the responsibilities and other points of CAMPUS. It was a bit overwhelming as it usually is when all that is required of you is given in a few short moments. But I know it will seem easier once we are in the midst of things, focusing on one task at a time. Though much prayer will be needed to make sure we stay on the right path in God’s high calling for us. And that we will meet our goal of bringing one soul to baptism.

After sushi for lunch we headed out to campus for an ‘Amazing Race’ type of activity, with destinations and activities. At first they started out as more touristy things of finding our way around campus. But then shifted into more and more outreach oriented activities. In some ways it was difficult, but I think the difficulty brought out its lessons. And they were good lessons for the beginning of the year.

One difficulty we had is that we spent too much time on the earlier activities, which didn’t leave enough time for the more important, outreach activities. Of course this brings with it the obvious lesson of time management so that the work is not neglected. But I think the crucial lesson is that we should always use our time wisely, even if we don’t know what is ahead. We should learn to number our days so that we do not waste time on more trivial activities that may hinder us from what potential there is.

Another difficulty is because of not getting the fliers printed the surveys became a bit unclear, making the task more difficult. Of course there is the importance of getting the necessary work done before the next step. But also I learned how crucial it is to have a clear goal and aim as we go about the Lords work. Otherwise we will be hesitant and confused, and others will see that and be unresponsive.

We also had some interesting experiences. I found a few of the people surveyed were very hesitant and awkward with being asked questions. Though I also was reminded of how open university students are, even to the bizarre. We can use this to our advantage in witnessing and let it guide the way we initially approach them.

While canvassing I also found a number of the people were very friendly, and for the most part open. Though the particular day seemed to be a bad time for most of them, many of whom were moving out/in, and didn’t have any money available. (Also we were used to canvassing this summer, and weren’t sure if we could still take check or credit card). Though the Lord did bless us with getting two Happy Ds out, and even for donations.

Another thing that was very encouraging is that we took a few opportunities for outreach, even before the outreach activities. Telling people who were helping us with photos about our activities, and inviting them out.

This evening we also assigned duties. I’m the Parental Guardian, in charge of keeping tabs on all the students, making sure they are here, and working things out in emergencies. The main reason I felt called to this position is the spirit has impressed me with the need to be bold in the task of exhorting people. I need to learn when it is appropriate to speak out, and how to speak out appropriately.


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